Cooperation Agreement with the University of Khartoum

Cooperation Agreement with the University of Khartoum

Within the framework of seeking for International academic cooperation and continuous excellence, the International Rescue University has recently signed two new scientific partnerships:

An agreement with the University of Khartoum for five years to enhance the mutual cooperation within the systems of direct education  (traditional) and online education. This cooperation includes the following:

  • The development of education programs to award joint degrees under which the issuance of  certificates of graduation and have the official signature and seal of the two universities.
  • To develop joint teaching programs in the fields of health sciences, engineering, business 

 administration, Journalism, media, education and other disciplines available to both parties.

  • IRU can adopt educational programs taught directly or online available at the University of Khartoum to be taught for students at IRU.
  • to exchange faculty members in the fields of education, training and joint research between the two universities.
  • The University of Khartoum will help IRU at needy basis to develop higher education capacities, enhancing the quality of education, and using modern technologies in higher education.

The University of Khartoum is a governmental university established in 1898 and consists of 20 faculties of various specialties, including: medicine, law, pharmacy, engineering, literature, administrative, economic and agricultural sciences. A number of research and training centers and the main language of study are in English.

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