Brief Summary about

 the International Rescue University

International Rescue University (IRU) is a nonprofit private institution approved to operate by the State of Kansas Secretary of State’s office.

IRU takes reasonable care to provide the academic courses and facilities needed. However, courses may be altered or withdrawn at any time during a particular semester or academic year.

In January 2018, IRU applied for accreditation to the Accreditation Service for International, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC, UK) which requires at least two-year that coordinates accreditation activity.

The International Rescue University (IRU) was established as a private non-profit organization (charity) in 2017 according to Decision No. 30 dated 23/03/2017 authorized by the Syrian Interim Government to serve the society and raise up its scientific level through teaching students with the various sciences and technologies required in the labor market.

IRU currently accommodates more than 1100 students from different liberated areas, in oppositions to Syrian regime. Majority of students are those who had dropped out of education due to the criminal action of Assad’s regime. They pay tuitions equal not more than 25% of the tuitions demanded by other private universities, and scholarships are granted to at least 5% of students (the sons of martyrs, detainees, injured and displaced).  

The supporters of this university are academics who have a long experience of academic education in the liberated areas in Syria. The university is hiring 25 PhD, 20 MS and 25 BSc staff considered among the best educational faculty members and staff having a good revolutionary reputation and white hands in serving and raising the level of education at Idlib University and other universities in the liberated areas. Number of teaching staff at IRU meets the standard criterion required to meet the number of students admitted at different colleges and associate institutes in IRU.

Several organizations supported the university to alleviate the suffering of students, especially those who were severely affected by the Assad regime through providing full or partial scholarships.

The University has signed memoranda of understanding and scientific cooperation with a number of American and Arab universities. IRU has a face to face teaching system and also E- education site to help learning students under bombardment conditions.

IRU signed cooperation agreements with three hospitals to train students of colleges and medical institutes.

IRU has two campuses with 38 Classrooms, Auditorium and 12 Laboratories and it has attracted distinguished educational staff from various universities to open specialized professional master programs. Where 120 students are joined since these programs aim at providing the labor market with innovative, creative and constructive graduates

These Master Programs are as follow:

– Biostatistics and Population

– Health Management
– Regional Planning
– Public Health
– Governance and institution building
– Social Guidance

– Electronic Media

The University has also 12 distinct educational programs which are not available at other university in all liberated area in order to cover the needs of labor market and these programs are:

– Faculty of Electronic Media
– Institute of Laboratory Medicine
– Faculty of  English Language Teaching
– Institute of Medical Radiology 

– Institute of Turkish Language Teaching
– Institute of  Pediatric Nursing
– Technology of Media and Journalism Institute
– Institute of Cyber and Network Security Technology
– Institute of Modern Education Technologies
– Institute of Accounting and Auditing
– Institute of Social guidance.
– Institute of Human Resources Management

Other colleges and institutes include:
– Faculty of Human Medicine
– Faculty of computer Information Systems 
– Faculty of Dentistry
– Faculty of Psychological Sciences
– Faculty of Pharmacy
– Midwifery Institute
– Faculty of Management and Economics
– Institute of dental prostheses.