IRU offers a unique learning environment that pairs peer-based collaborative learning with advanced information technologies and the Internet. This peer based learning, with Course Instructor facilitation, is a collaborative approach that stimulates students from around the world and offers them a powerful platform to learn from one another.

Within the online study, students share resources, exchange ideas, discuss topics, submit assignments, and take exams. The curriculum is supported by Course Instructors who participate in class discussions and enhance the learning experience in each course.

IRU creates procedures for course evaluation and assessment in which students are invited to nameless complete course evaluations at the end of each semester to improve online study process.

The University offers at the beginning of new academic year an orientation program for new students to introduce the IRU’s Learning Management System (LMS), which will help students to gain an advanced understanding of IRU’s academic setting and study process, as well as its support services, with the goal of making a successful transition to the start of their undergraduate studies. Participation in orientation is strongly encouraged, but not required.

Student Responsibility:

  • Students are responsible to track and follow the course requirements for their program of study
  • They have to know that courses take place over a 16-week semester including the final exam.
  • Students are advised to check their course syllabus and the IRU Academic Calendar for the final exam schedule each semester
  • They have to follow the instructions and guidelines provided in each course syllabus.
  • At the start of each semester, students should read the syllabi and learning guides very carefully to fully understand the components and requirements of each of the enrolled course.
  • There are weekly readings, participation, peer assessment tasks, discussion forum responses, and written assignments; there are also quizzes throughout the course and a final exam or project at the end of the semester.
  • They have to ask their instructors to provide them with a learning guide as a framework for directing students through the study material and tasks, including instructions on how to approach the weekly tasks.
  • They have to know that student participation is directly related to course success.
  • Course attendance is measured and recorded from posted responses to weekly discussion forum questions, participation in the peer assessment process, submission of weekly assignments, quizzes, and the final exam.
  • There will be a course forum to discuss course material and raise issues and questions related to a course. Participation is not required, but highly recommended.
  • IRU donates an open free education materials and websites which students can access at. Therefore, students are not required to purchase any textbooks or sign up for any websites.
  • IRU provides anonymous peer-peer learning and assessment opportunity under the supervision of Course Instructors for students to help the developing higher order thinking, communication, and evaluation skills. Therefore, students are taught about the evaluation process and learn how to access the work of their fellow students with increasing insight and precision.
  • Students have to participate in the Discussion Forum as an integral part of the student’s learning experience at IRU. Thus, students are first required to develop and post a well formed response to the discussion assignment given by answering the questions of the assignment given by the course instructors and by responding to some of their peers ‘posting in the Discussion Forum.
  • Students are required to submit their assignments by the determined deadlines as described in the Course Syllabus and also submit by the following week their assessment for the anonymously received copies of assignments of other students in the course. Therefore, two grades are issued to students: the first for the assignment and the second for the quality of the student’s peer assessments. Failure to submit assignments and/or peer-assessments may result in failure of the course.
  • Students have to know that courses may contain several quizzes per course per semester these quizzes may contain multiple choice, true/false or short answer questions. It is highly recommended that students complete all quizzes to ensure that they have adequately understood the course material. There is also a final exam during Week 16 of the Fall and spring and during the Week 8 in Summer Semester.
  • Late work is not permitted at IRU unless there is an exceptional personal circumstance enclosed with documented proof and extensions are not guaranteed.
  • Students should be aware that IRU does not provide access to courses, beyond the current semester. Therefore students are advised to save all of their work on their own computers.
  • IRU course readings are available to enrolled IRU students in the online university