About the program:

Statistics is one of the most important disciplines since it is an essential tool in any administrative or institutional work, no matter where it is applied.

It provides an overview of the social, economic and demographic growth rate. It provides basic data for all sectors of work in health, population, education and employment, assists in the development of strategic plans of States, and is crucial in determining the lineage and closeness between Biotechnologies, investing in modern biological techniques.


Excellence and high quality in teaching the skills of data analysis in the fields of social population and biological researches.


To prepare distinguished graduates with a high degree of scientific competence and laboratory experience to compete and participate in modern changes. It can serve the society in all fields of statistical work and have the ability to pursue scientific research.


This program aims to achieve its vision and mission in several areas, including:

  1. Contributing to the development of education and its plans.
  2. Development of various sciences, especially the vital.
  3. Strengthening social studies.
  4. Management and governance.
  5. Sustainable development.

This overall objective requires the achievement of a number of sub-goals in the Diploma and Master’s program offered by the program through:

  • Meeting the needs of the region of qualified cadres in various disciplines in statistics.
  • To meet the needs of the region of scientific research and applied studies related to the science of statistics.
  • Keeping e up the scientific development in different fields through obtaining the latest statistical analysis programs