About the program:

The health culture is part of the general culture, and its mission is not only to live in an environment that suits modern life, but also to provide individuals with real knowledge and appreciation of the health services available in the community, to make the best use of them and to provide the members of the community with health information and guidance related to their health For the purpose of effectively influencing their direction and to modify and develop their health behaviors to help them achieve physical, psychological, social and mental well-being.


Excellence in education and research in public health and healthy and environment management and empowering the international academic standards in this field.


To provide useful and benefit to society through:

Health education, Evaluating the reality of health sector in the society and apply scientific research in the fields of nursing and health.


This program aims to achieve its vision and mission in the fields of health, (food, environment, school, psychological and physical affairs through:

  • Promoting community health awareness.
  • Choose students with high capacity to raise awareness and promote community
  • health.
  • Instilling and encouraging the values of self-education and continue learning to
  • ensure public safety.
  • Focusing on the student as the most important outputs of the program to be a model in health guidance.
  • Encouraging the use of information and communication technologies in education and health extension tools and programs.
  • Developing the opportunities for excellence education.
  • Graduation of individuals capable of solving health problems in society.