About the program:

Electronic Media has a growing share in the media market due to its ease of access, speed of production, development and modernization. It also has more freedom of intellectual property. This type of media has proved itself to the traditional media that it has not been able to match. And even it becomes the front for most of the age groups, as it emerged in the polarization of all classes and classes of society.


Information excellence, leadership and transparency whether in the news industry or coverage or in the events related to it.


Contribute to the achievement of excellence and high quality in the performance locally and globally in several areas, namely:

  1. Design modern optical messages.
  2. Develop media work and visual message.
  3. Manage institutions, sites and media networks.
  4. Communicate among the components of the media message.
  5. Exchange of information: between sites, institutions and information agencies.


The e-Media program aims to achieve its vision and mission in several areas, including:

  • Electronic media.
  • Communication and information.
  • The transformation of the media into an open market.
  • Break the monopoly of information, through:
  • Contribute to the supply of the labor market with specialists in the media
  • according to the nature of the new market and need.
  • Contribute to the transformation of media work from individual activity to academic and institutional organization.
  • Contribute to the transfer of the nature of the media work from being written locally to open electronic.
  • Contributing to the development of professional and academic programs opening specialized studies.
  • Contribute to the stability of specialized media thought away from activists and amateurs.
  • Provide practical and interactive learning experiences, taking into account modern issues related to the media sector.
  • Provide students with information and knowledge related to information systems, ethics, theories and effects, the Internet, modern communication techniques and multimedia.
  • Enable students to prepare and produce information materials that can be submitted via the Internet.
  • Contribute to the development of students’ abilities in the field of conducting media research, public study and public opinion.
  • Raise the efficiency of students in the criticism and analysis of electronic media materials.
  • Enhance students’ talents in using electronic media technologies effectively.
  • Provide the appropriate environment for the training of students in the operation and management of electronic media platforms inside and outside the university, and the impact on public opinion, knowledge, control, leadership, prediction and guidance.