About the program:

The concept of governance is particularly important in the industry of public, private and non-governmental institutions, and after the collapse of institutions in crises. There is no consensus in the literature on a uniform definition of this term, but in general means the existence of systems governing relations between the main parties in the company in order to achieve transparency and justice and fight corruption and grant accountability to protect enterprises and ensure that institutional work goes according to long-term goals and strategies.

Thus, the program has taken on the task of conceptualizing the concept of governance by defining and reviewing its importance, its models and its role in the establishment of institutions and improving continuous performance.


Empowering the concepts of justice, equality, transparency, accountability and responsibility and constructing the institution that safeguards rights and enhance sustainable development.


To promote the values and concepts of justice, equality, transparency, accountability, accountability and stakeholder rights in any community action.


This program aims to achieve its vision and mission in achieving scientific and professional excellence locally and internationally through the graduation of specialists with diplomas or specialized masters in governance. And holders of knowledge, skills and specializations in the field of:

  • Governance of governmental and non-governmental institutions, profitable and non-profitable.
  • Determine the types and laws of institutions.
  • How to build institutions.
  • The development of internal regulations and policies in all areas of
  • To assume social responsibility in all areas.