About the program:

The study of regional planning is one of the most recent areas of concern to governments, which have become an integral part of the preparation and implementation of local and regional development plans, especially after crises.


Mastering and reinforcing the student’s experiences in planning, sustainable development and community service locally and globally


Achieving excellence and high quality performance locally and globally in Urban Education, Scientific Research, and Community Service.


This program aims to achieve its vision and mission in the fields of urban education, scientific research and community service by contributing to:

  • Providing qualified cadres to prepare and formulate policies and development plans at the local and regional levels.
  • Qualifying certificate holders in a number of specializations such as architecture, planning, economics, sociology, administrative and political
  • sciences, and other fields of humanities, science and engineering; to be able to
  • prepare plans and development strategies at all levels of the urban environment.
  • To contribute to increasing the students’ awareness of the resources of the natural environment and the available energy that forms the basis of any development process.
  • Qualifying students to assess the environmental impacts of policies and
  • programs, and to identify the research skills associated with the use of statistical, analytical and other methods.
  • Provide students with the necessary skills to work out the plans and explain them such as expressive, symbolic, graphic, and computer programs, and learn the methods of scientific and professional reports and methods.
  • Provide students with the ability to perform various activities of the comprehensive urban development process, which includes: information gathering and analysis, identification of development opportunities and constraints, and development and evaluation of the plans, and implementation
  • of programs, projects and budgets and follow-up and evaluation.
  • To upgrade students’ leadership characteristics and organizational and
  • managerial capacities for regional planning programs and projects.
  • Qualifying students to embark on deepening specialization in programs related to regional planning, such as PhD in regional planning