IRU students are required to successfully complete the required number of proctored exams prior to graduation according to their degree program. It is a condition of awarding a degree and diploma and students cannot graduate unless all required proctored exams are successfully completed.

Associate Degree students beginning their studies at IRU may be required to complete certain course final exams under the supervision of an approved proctor.

Bachelor Degree students beginning their studies at IRU may be required to complete certain course final exams under the supervision of an approved proctor.

Students who do not take a proctored exam at the end of a course will be issued a failing grade in the course regardless of the student’s prior performance in the course. All University policies, including the Code of Academic Integrity, apply to proctored exams.

Proctoring Requirements

It is the student’s sole responsibility to suggest several proctors and proctors must meet several requirements:

  • be responsible adults, such as a local official, supervisor at work, librarian, or a religious figure, and be at least 21 years old;
  • be willing to comply with policies and procedures to ensure the integrity of the exam process;
  • have adequate and reliable access to the Internet, including email services;
  • be available to be physically present with the student throughout the entire proctored exam.

The proctor cannot be a relative of the student, a student at IRU or an applicant, nor can the proctor have a conflict of interest or have any vested interest in the student’s grade or performance on his/her exam. Students are strictly prohibited from offering the proctor any payment or other benefit

in return for the proctor’s willingness to supervise the exam.

Students may elect to use an approved third-party individual or organization offering proctoring services, but students should be aware that they will be responsible for any fees incurred for this service. The hiring of a third-party proctor is not required by IRU.

The University reserves the right to verify a proctor at any time.

Proctored Exam Regulations

Students may suggest a proctor during online registration for courses by entering the proctor’s first and last name, email address, telephone number, occupation, and place of residence. It is the student’s sole responsibility to inform the Office of Student Services of any changes to the proctor’s contact information.

IRU reserves the right to verify a proctor at any time by contacting the proctor directly in order to validate his/her identity and to assure that the proctor meets all the requirements. If IRU rejects a proctor, the student will be notified accordingly and it will be the student’s sole responsibility to provide another proctor. Rejecting a proctor is at the sole discretion of IRU, and the University has no obligation to provide reasons for the decision.

It is the student’s sole responsibility to coordinate the date, time, and location of the final exam with the proctor. The final exam period starts on Thursday, final week of the semester at 12:05 am, IRU Time (GMT-5 time zone) and ends the following Sunday at 11:55 pm IRU Time (GMT-5 time zone). The proctored exam must be taken within this time period.

Students are advised not to schedule an exam too close to the end of the final exam period in case there are technical problems or other unexpected issues. This will ensure that there is sufficient time to receive support if needed.

A student will not be allowed to start a proctored exam without the presence of the proctor. Prior to starting the proctored exam, students must present to the proctor a government issued ID which will be used to identify the student. Once the student is identified, the proctor must enter the exam code in the exam password field after the student has logged into the course area. The code will be provided to the proctor by the Office of Student Services a week prior to the beginning of the exam.

It is the student’s sole responsibility to make sure that the proctor is available during the final exam period. A scheduling problem with the proctor will not be considered a legitimate reason for extending the exam or requesting a makeup exam.

In the event that IRU implements a No Final (NF) grade, students who do not take their final exams will be granted a NF (No Final) grade on their transcript for the course, and will be required to repeat the course and take the final examination within one year of receiving the NF grade.