IRU accepts transfer credit for courses taken at other institutions. Transfer credit will be awarded as follows:

  • For a maximum of the equivalent to 10 courses (or 30 semester hours) for an Associate Degree, and a maximum of the equivalent to 30 courses (or 90 semester hours) for a Bachelor degree.
  • Only courses in which a grade of C (2.00) or higher was earned in those courses can be transferred.
  • Transfer credit will not be recorded on the transcript until Degree Seeking Students have completed at least three graded course after being admitted to the University for Degree Study.


In cases where there are inconsistencies with documentation, applicants are asked to supply additional information.


Any document sent throughout the admissions process may be reviewed by relevant institutions, including the institution issuing the documentation and/or by an Approved credential established evaluation service which can establish degree comparability, such as: World Education Services (WES, and American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO, The University may also accept evaluations from other credible sources, and students are welcome to check with the Office of Admissions at


Every application is reviewed by the Office of Admissions to determine an applicant and/or student’s overall readiness to study and ability to successfully complete a degree program. Admittance is at the University’s sole discretion. Meeting minimum admissions requirements does not guarantee placement; decisions are made on an individual basis.


IRU will announce its decisions on a rolling basis, and all relevant applicants will be informed of their admission status by the final Notice of Admission Day. For more information regarding the Admissions dates please refer to the Admissions Calendar.

The decision to admit an applicant is based in part on the information provided in the application form. If it is determined that an applicant has provided false information or has omitted significant and/or material information, the University reserves the right to revoke the applicant’s admission, suspend the applicant from studies, or take additional steps if deemed appropriate.


IRU will employ up to 5% of its graduates, and it offers a hiring placement service through the University partners in accordance to their required qualifications..


IRU is at times notified about internship opportunities that might come available and works to inform students to the extent possible, but does not offer an internship placement service. However, workshops on topics such as resume development, interview strategies, communication skills, job search techniques and follow-up, are offered to Degree Seeking Students and the University helps provide links for students with similar resources and support.

appeals are not available.