IRU believes that access to higher education is a key component in the promotion of world peace and global economic development. It views higher education as a basic right that it can transform lives and serves society by discovering, preserving, and disseminating knowledge. IRU also believes that education plays a fundamental role in fortifying respect for human rights, primary freedoms, enhancing livelihoods of its students and building a strong global leadership and knowledgeable society.


IRU offers affordable, distinctive, online, degree-granting educational programs to any interested student; to provide specialized education and production of innovative research that serve the community and contribute to building a knowledge economy; and to create conducive environment for learning and intellectual creativity, and optimum use of the technique of local and international actors and partnerships.


  • Respect for the rights, differences, and dignity of others
  • Freedom of thought and expression
  • Personal, professional, and academic integrity
  • Intellectual development
  • Creative and innovative thinking and learning
  • Conscientious pursuit of personal and academic excellence
  • Cross-cultural dialogue and economic development
  • Pride in self, community and the university
  • Lifelong learning